• Presentation of the L3 International Management

    What is specific about the Bachelor International Management?

    1) A general first semester to make sure you acquire the basis in key business fields:

    -       11 compulsory courses (Management, Human Resources, Accounting, Management, Information System, Law, Mathematics etc.)

    -       fully taught in English (except for French law, taught in French).

    The first semester is very demanding, you cannot skip a course to focus on the others (this is the main reason why some students fail in this bachelor).

    2) A more specialized second semester in one of our partner universities abroad:

    -       The second semester abroad is compulsory: each student admitted to L3IM makes three wishes for a destination and we give them one of their wishes (or an alternative choice if needed) based on three criteria: L1 / L2 grades, motivation letter, TOEIC level.

    -       we currently offer destinations in 22 countries (https://www.montpellier-management.fr/international-2/).

    -       The student and the L3IM manager will build a tailor-made course program according to the student's career choice and the destination obtained.

    NOTE: You will not have International Management courses. The Bachelor is called "International Management" because of the Management classes taught in English, and the second semester abroad.

    Open doors are organised each year at MOMA at the end of February/beginning of March: come and meet us!


    For whom was the Bachelor International Management at MOMA created? 

    -  Students motivated to follow a demanding general first semester in management with all the courses in English (except for French law).

    - Students wishing to study abroad for the second semester in order to specialize their competencies in a specific managerial field.

    - Students who master the English language: able to follow 100% of the courses in English at Montpellier Management, but also in a partner university, and to compose exams in English without a dictionary (a B2 TOEIC score is highly recommended).


    Why do this bachelor?

    - To continue with a more specialized master in a field such as marketing, accounting, strategic management, international management etc. (check the section of this Moodle "Après la L3 IM").

    - To ensure cross-functional positions with an international dimension (involving interacting with the various functions of the company without geographic or language limit).

    - To ensure traditional management positions in France or abroad (Executive assistantship; Technical and administrative assistantship; Administrative and financial management; Conduct of surveys; Accounting).

    What will the students be able to do at the end of the Bachelor International Management?

    - Identify in situ the tools relevant to each management function for the success of the business (e.g. HRM, Marketing, Management, Finance, Management Control, Mathematics).

    --> specificity of L3 IM: seeks versatility in the 1st semester; seeks specialization in the 2nd semester

    - Evaluate the implementation by an organization of fundamental managerial principles

    --> specificity of L3 IM: adapting tools according to size, industry, business objective and especially according to new practices or innovations)

    - Perform business functions by interacting in English

    --> specificity of L3 IM: 100% of courses at MOMA in English and semester 2 abroad

    - Ensure an ethical approach in the decisions taken

    --> specificity of L3 IM: raise awareness in each course of the ethical issue

    - Build and organize your second semester abroad

    --> specificity of L3 IM: possibility for students to build a tailor-made semester 2


    You will find attached the presentation done Nov 5th in front of MOMA Licence 2. The goal of this presentation is to present the Licence International Management.

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