This course is designed to provide you with a basic knowledge of ecological theory and application: the ‘keys’ you will need to prepare you for more specialised and in-depth study of pure and applied ecology at Masters level and beyond.

It is designed to be useful in the following situations:

•a comprehensive primer for those who have had little, or no formal training in ecology;
•a useful revision for those who have already studied ecology at high school and university, but who have forgotten some of the key principles and need a refresher;
•for those who are trained in ecology but looking to improve their scientific skills in English.

The course follows a logical progression from beginning to end; however each Chapter stands alone and  you can read them in any order.

Each Chapter is divided into sub-sections and ends with a Quiz to test your knowledge. A list of reading materials and online resources is provided for further study on the topics covered.

We hope you enjoy Ecology Keys and welcome your feedback so we can improve it!

EcologyKeys - Preface.pdfEcologyKeys - Preface.pdf